Med Gas Log is the quickest, simplest cloud based anaesthetic logbook available

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Medberry’s Med Gas Log is a smart, simple & reliable log book app, designed by medics for medics.

Medberry sets a standard in procedural data logging and encompasses mandatory Royal College of Anaesthetists data points and robust seamless cloud backups for data security.

Health Tech Startup of the Year Finalist

A Medical Student or Doctor-Led Health Tech Startup showing real potential to transform healthcare in diverse ways


Speed - The quickest logbook by far

Simple data entry with 49% fewer screen touches to log identical cases than any other app.

Works offline

Our research shows that  of 261 doctors surveyed, 37% had no access to internet in their theatre environment. As soon as you log back onto the cloud Med Gas Logs automatically syncs your data. Simple!

Automatic Cloud Backups

Seamless backups to the cloud without you even having to think about it.


Encrypted cloud storage.Royal College of Anaesthetists compliant data transferred and stored on secure encrypted servers. So intelligent it saves you time to focus on clinical work allowing you reports for your appraisal.

Reports and Analysis

Medberry Med Gas Log allows  you to produce reports from you log book for appraisals and reviews. We have a full Royal College of Anaesthetists compliant report and summary and so there is no need for any other app for your data.

We are working on advanced data analysis and customisable reports so that you can use your data to improve your professional journey.

Sync and view data accross devices

Save your log book data on one device, it updates automatically and you can then view or edit it on another device. No other app offers this sort of flexibility.

* webapp coming soon

The people behind Medberry



Founder & Medical Lead

Dr Rob Conway is an anaesthetist and uses the Med Gas Log app on a daily basis. He has worked all over the world including some interesting places such as flying around Australia and the South Pacific, South Africa, Madagascar, Greenland and Antarctica and was recently filmed by Ikea in a short documentary whilst on expedition for their “No bed like home” campaignIn his spare time he likes to gain perspective by being out on the water.



Founder &  Head of Development

Did you know you needed 20/20 vision to be a pilot in the UK? You don’t, but that’s what Graham’s career advisor told him. Once he found out, he abandoned his childhood dream, packed up, and moved to the USA. After many years in the software industry, somebody told him he could also fly if he wanted. And finally, Graham earned his wings. Graham has been been a software developer for over 14 years. For the last two he has specialised in iOS Mobile apps in the Medical field. Graham Conway is Rob’s brother.


All this for less than a cup of coffee….

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Medberry Setting a standard in procedural logbooks