The People Behind Medberry

Passionate about your app

We are a small dedicated team of individuals trying to set a standard in procedural data logging apps.


The vision?

We realise that your data will follow you from the cradle to the grave of your professional career and we want to make an app that can make you life easier, is secure and will help make sense of your data.

A simple data entry app that is quick, simple and secure. Minimum data points. Minimum clutter. Maximum usefulness.


Clinical Lead

Dr Rob Conway is an anaesthetist based in the UK and uses this app on a daily basis. He has worked all over the world including some interesting places such as South Africa, Madagascar, Greenland and Antarctica and was recently filmed by Ikea in a short documentary whilst on expedition for their “No bed like home” campaign. In his spare time he likes nothing better than a strip of biltong and some shears for his rather impressive facial hair.


Software Lead

Did you know you needed 20/20 vision to be a pilot in the UK? You don’t, but that’s what Graham’s career advisor told him. Once he found out, he abandoned his childhood dream, packed up, and moved to the USA. After many years in the software industry, somebody told him he could also fly if he wanted. And finally, Graham earned his wings. Graham has been been a software developer for over 14 years. For the last two he has specialised in iOS Mobile apps in the Medical field. Graham Conway is Rob’s brother.


Medberry is growing. We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals who share our vision to provide innovative solutions that improve the end users experience.

Do you want to become part of this ongoing project? Please get in touch and see if you can become part of this growing team.