When will the subscription service start?

The subscription service started on the 1st March 2016

Why do we charge?

Medberry requires ongoing investment to remain a viable app.  No organisation has bought into the idea (yet!) and so at present you, the clinician bears the cost. We hope that this will change soon.

Therefore in order to guarantee updates, ongoing feature designs and maintenance a subscription is required.

Are we tied into the app now?

No. You never have been. Unlike our competition we believe in total data portability. Your data is available to you regardless of whether you decide to subscribe to Medberry or not. Just log into the app and export a non propriety version of your data (in a CSV file) that you can open in a spreadsheet or import into another app. More help on our support site. We would obviously like you to stay!

Why so much?

Its not really very much. Look at the other logbooks out there. We are pretty much the cheapest. Its less than a cup a coffee a month and much less than the hassle of an app that suddenly stops working and you losing your data.